“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.”
--Peter Scholtes, The Leaders’ Handbook


Change Leadership is Job One

Creating a culture that focuses on change and renewal is the real work of leadership. Responding to the need for change is always a challenge. Being ahead of the curve and anticipating change requires the willingness to raise questions even when things are going smoothly. This means shaking up old habits, rewarding innovative thinking and risk taking, and motivating people to constantly search for better ways of operating. It means communicating the reasons for change in ways that make sense for your employees and all other affected stakeholders.

Easier said than done. That’s where leadership and change consulting and coaching comes in. Using proven methodologies, we can help executives and leadership teams to develop the skills for influencing and directing the organization for success. We will help you target the areas for change, craft the messages that will motivate others, and put in place processes for assessing and sustaining change.

We work with boards, executives, and senior staff in not-for-profit organizations, and with District Superintendents, Principals, and other educational leaders to build capacity and direct efforts towards desired outcomes.

Why Executive Coaching?

Coaching can ensure leadership success, enabling educational administrators and non-for-profit executives to achieve business goals and build an organization’s culture. Leadership is a learned skill: the best leaders know how to communicate, motivate, build trust, and inspire excellence and commitment.  Executive Coaching is key to building these skills in directors, executive teams, and boards.

“There are only two ways to get people to support…change. You should give employees the information they need to understand the reasons for change, and put enough influence behind the information to [gain their] support.”
Carla O’Dell, President, American Productivity & Quality Center